Welcome to Gecko Clothing

You spoke, we listened...

We got in touch with all our amazing backers from the crowdfunding campaign and asked for your feedback on the designs and got implementing. In addition to the changes outlined below we also commissioned a few size 3-4 years dungarees in response to interest.

After putting our dungaree samples through their paces (with our special super mucky and adventurous toddler testers) we took a close look at how they fared.

Tested by real toddlers!

We have also changed the design (ever so slightly) and the print method after toddler tester's numerous digs in the dirt showed that, after many, many soaks and washes, the animals were beginning to fade (as do most of us after being put through toddler testers' exploits.

Although toddler tester liked the fit, we worried that it could be somewhat restrictive, thus we changed the cut to give them more room to move and play!