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Ethical, Fair Trade and GOTS registered factory

Exciting new ethical, eco-friendly and unisex designs coming soon

These pups were made in an inspiring factory in India that only works with organic cotton sourced from local farmer cooperatives within a radius of 40km from their plant. Supporting local small farmers through Fair Trade processes and keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum.

They exclusively use GOTS certified dyes and processes to maintain clean and environmentally friendly production and practices

This ensures that the small farmers, hand picking their organically grown cotton are given a premium price for their product and work:

“To improve the situation of cotton farmers in India the Fairtrade organisation is setting a minimum price that covers the costs and living expenses of the rural farmers.

On top they add a premium for improving the life of the farmers community.”

They are an ethical and transparent company paying and supporting their employees in an ethical manner and supporting their community in an inspiring way.