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What is a Brand Rep?

A Brand Rep, short for Brand Representative, is someone that represents a brand, in our case on Instagram. Brands choose their representative based on photography style and skills and the individual representatives style. Brands will be looking for styles that line well with their own. It's like modelling from home.

We are looking for little reps who have some talented photographers in their life. Gecko Clothing is about fun and colourful clothes that allow and celebrate kids for being kids. We will be looking for reps that can match that. We want reps that will get down to the important business of playing and exploring in our clothes.Brand rep search im3

What we want from our Brand Rep:

  1. Regular pictures of our clothes. This can include them in action on our Brand rep or laid out in outfit ideas etc.
  2. We would like to be able to catch up with them once in a while, whether that be via a little vlog or blog post.

We love the idea of watching out Brand reps grow with Gecko!

What we are offering in return to our brand rep:

  1. Each of our items when they are released, in each design and colour option.

How to enter

We are specifically looking for Instagram Brand Representatives so whilst we would love you to share your images far and wide, to enter you will need an Instagram account. It’s simple to enter just follow these 4 steps:


  1. Follow us on Instagram @Gecko_Clothing
  2. Submit no more than 2 pictures of your little person,
  3. Tag your picture/s #bygecko #geckobrandrep
  4. Share your favourite @Gecko_Clothing image/ or like and tell us which is your favourite image.

Feel free to connect with us and tell us why you’ve entered, happy for you to post your chosen pictures on our Facebook page, or tweet them to us, but if you want to enter to be a brand representative we do need them tagged on Instagram.


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