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What happened when we won Eric...

You may remember we asked you lovely lot:

“If we win The Pitch Digital Marketing Award we will…”Samurai Emma

You may also remember:

Being the brave, intrepid and game people that we are we took on two challenges: to do a cycle whilst wearing a suit of armour and bubbling. We even said if someone wanted to write a celebratory ditty we’d incorporate this and 16 stuffed animals in to our death defying feat.

If you don’t remember, have a recap here > If we win The Pitch Digital Marketing Award you WILL want to see it…

We named him Eric

Hopefully you heard the wonderful news that we only chuffing won The Pitch Digital Marketing Award! We got a trophy and everything (he’s called Eric and he’s not even alone on our trophy cabinet now!)

Now unfortunately nobody wrote us a celebratory ditty, shucks. However as it turns out cycling in full armour, actually scratch that, doing ANYTHING in full armour is a challenge! We learned this at the photo shoot! So we were aware that cycling would be out of the question, we would have to launch ourselves down a hill… Genius…

I wore full, heavy and hot Samurai armour, were The Geek went for more Gothic attire.

This happened.

It was not easy. We enlisted some squires.

Unfortunately we couldn’t rig the bubbles up so they would release beautiful bubbles as we went. We were given some great bubbling kits from Dr Zigs Bubbles and some of our smaller squires loved creating bubbles for us to ‘cycle’ through.

You can witness our amazing bravery for yourself…

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