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Week 3: Ethical gifts of kindness ideas

We are on Week 3 of our weekly series on the run up to Christmas. We have been looking at all the wonderful Christmasy festive ideas out there, leaning away from the commercial aspect and hearing all your amazing ideas and thoughts. You can catch up on the series from the start here

I found a few different options for these. I think my favourite has to be Oxfam as you also get a ecard and there were some options to buy something small and tangible to give alongside it. Oxfam call them unwrapped gifts and for example, this week they are giving away a free chocolate goat with any unwrapped gift purchased.

My favourite 5 gifts cover most budgets: 

  1. £7 can feed a family;
  2. £12 investing in girl power
  3. £24 plant an allotment
  4. £25 buy a goat
  5. £50 safe water for 50 people


We did speak to a few people to get their views about this and one person said whilst they think it’s a great idea they would be pretty annoyed to receive such a present as it would remind them that so much money being donated isn’t going where it is needed and is instead swallowed by admin costs. We tweeted Oxfam and emailed about this (unfortunately we couldn’t fit it in 140 characters), unfortunately they haven’t got back to us yet and I imagine they receive a high volume of correspondence. I did find this infographic on their website:

oxfam 2


More importantly I saw this, The impact of Oxfams work:

This will be the first year that we have done anything like this and whilst we think it’s an amazing idea and would love to receive gifts like this we are also hesitant to completely do away with something tangible for people. To strike a balance I think we are going to buy something small to go along with them. I love that Oxfam and so many others give a wonderful platform for you to help other people who truly need the boost and share this with your special people buy gifting the donation in their name.

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