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Week 1: Homemade Christmas gift ideas

So, just to catch you up, last week we started with a series of weekly themed chats on the run up to Christmas. We wanted to look at ways to get in the festive swing and have fun while keeping to a tight budget. Obviously you need to buy some Gecko goodness for some of your loved ones, but we wanted to look at some of the less consumerist gift ideas.

You can check out the Master plan here: Getting your Christmas on.


Week 1: Homemade Christmas gift ideas

Week 2: Christmas hamper ideas

Week 3: Ethical gifts of kindness ideas

Week 4: Buying from small crafters

Week 5: Keeping it green

Week 6: Creating magic


We threw out a few different links to some posts, but you guys came up trumps with a variety of awesome ideas from your childhood and adult life. Really loved reading the comments and ideas:

  • A lot of love out there for the chocolate truffle;
  • Potato shape printing wrapping paper & Christmas cards;
  • Homemade advent calendars
  • Making your own cheese (apparently there are methods of doing so with your average kitchen utensils);
  • Mull your own wine kits;
  • Mason jars layered with dry ingredients to make biscuits or cakes;
  • Christmas pomanders to bring the festive scent to your home;
  • Movable Father Christmases with butterfly joints to hang on the tree

Our favourites would have to be the very cute and simple advent calendar and homemade chocolate truffles... Mmmmmm, chocolate.We ended the week on home made Christmas presents with a mammoth 101 gift ideas from Artful Parent that kids and families can make together.

advent mull wine
Truffles_with_nuts_and_chocolate_dusting potato
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