Welcome to Gecko Clothing

This is a diary entry on running a Kickstarter.

It is not easy. We did our homework, we listed the places we would promote it etc, but my Lord how naïve we were!

So to bring you up to date, our Kickstarter went live on Tuesday, giving us 20 days to raise £1800. At the time of writing this I was 4 days in and 12% there and feeling pretty deflated (pre de-stressing hot shower I felt crushed). It is really intense.

3 Major lessons:

1. Without a tangible object or a budget bloggers and reviewers aren’t interested

It is a rather large and steep learning curve. I don’t blame them, it makes perfect sense. At no point during our research and review of blogs did this occur to either of us! I can say that having read well over 100 parent perspective blogs, the UK produce some great opinions and writers, seriously check them out. I have subscribed to a few.

2. We are not offering anything that people can’t get from a normal shop

You may question why this didn’t occur to us and rightly so. I shall explain it using the universal language of Doctor Who. The Doctor’s faithful companion Sarah Jane (played by the wonderful Elisabeth Sladen may she RIP). Undoubtedly we have all seen the ‘School reunion’ episode with David Tennant as Doctor Who when Sarah Jane reappears… Sarah Jane, having travelled through time and space and joined The Doctor on so many adventures, when she came back down to Earth (literally and metaphorically) she couldn’t forget what she had seen. She couldn’t look at Earth, her life and their significance in the same light. So much so she got a spin off series.

That’s almost identical to us! OK, except the bit where we travelled with The Doctor through time and space (although Doctor, if you’re reading it I could do with

a break when this Kickstarter is finished!).

We have seen a possible future for Gecko. We know we have some special products, different from what’s presently available, based on our 4 founding principles: (bright & bold unisex designs; eco-friendly & ethical; practical & hard-wearing; that don’t cost the earth). Knowing all these possibilities it’s hard to look at Gecko in the same way that others do, which is seeing Gecko only in its current state, rather than the myriad potentials spreading out into its future.

Den building

3. Half term is not a good time to run a Kickstarter campaign.

Summed up in one sentence and known to all parents all too well; “Mummy, Mummy, Mummy? Look at this? Keep Looking. Look Mummy!”

I solider on. Belief that our goal is attainable may be slipping, but I’m sure as hell not giving in until the pips run out – Monday the 9th June 4.55pm. Even then Tuesday the 10th about 8:30am, possibly with a fuzzy head, it will be right back to the drawing board because:

I still believe in Gecko Clothing. I still believe that there’s a market for a clothing brand producing bright and bold unisex designs on clothing that’s eco-friendly and ethical from source to manufacture, that’s practical and hard-wearing and that doesn’t cost the earth (and has sheep poo hangtags).

I never once believed that the journey would be easy.

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