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The Kickstarter debut...

So, you may be aware that we have been beavering away at The Terrarium, preparing all we can to bring our Children’s line to market, with a bit of Kickstarter help.

Gecko has been splashing about now some 22 months. Although to date we have only launched 3 men’s t-shirts in 2 colours each, we have been extremely industrious. We have been meeting lovely people and businesses, researching and designing…

We have decided to focus on the children’s range, sticking with our 4 principles of creating clothes that are of:

  1. Bright & bold designs;
  2. Ethical & eco-friendly manufacture;
  3. Practical & hard-wearing quality;
  4. That don't cost the earth!

We have 2 children’s products and have designed and developed our little organic cotton socks off perfecting them; talking with suitable manufacturers about producing them and pinning down all the niggly little bits to get them to market, and they are so very almost there!!!

In the meantime we thought we would foray into the wonderful world of Kickstarter and bring you our organic cotton wardrobe staples range. As a member of the Facebook group ‘Love Organic Clothing?...’ I have noticed how so many of us strive to buy yummy organic goodies for our kids but sometimes struggle with the cost  (hence founding principle 4). We are not in a position to have these organic staples manufactured specifically for Gecko Clothing, so can’t take advantage of the economies of size. However, we have sourced some fantastic products:

Organic cotton childrens staples

We have been able to provide them at competitive prices too! These have the same amazing credentials and quality as our t-shirts, which you can read about here.

The Geek created 2 design options, that we think work well for babies and older kids:

Design options

We have submitted our Kickstarter project to the powers that be and hope to be live next week. We are looking for £1800 to get our organic cotton wardrobe staple ball rolling and gathering momentum! Our plan is simple:

  • Step 1: Attain our Kickstarter goal and dish out the deserved rewards;
  • Step 2: Reinvest the profit in producing more,more, MORE;
  • Step 3: Repeat step 1 and 2 until enough capital is built up to have the range manufactured specifically for Gecko. Thus reducing cost per unit and allowing us to sell wholesale to stockists and eventually drop the RRP further!

As the Meerkats say ‘Simples’….

Only of course with YOUR help. ‘We need you’ as the 1940’s catchphrase goes! We can’t do it without you. This is your call to arms. If you like what Gecko are trying to achieve, then please spread the word. Sign up for our Newsletter and be ready to reward yourself with one of our lovely Kickstarter rewards!!!

Kickstarter is all or nothing, so unless we reach £1800 we won’t get anything which will mean we won’t be able to go ahead at this point. If you do kindly support our campaign you won’t be charged until the final day and again only if we make our £1800 goal! If you choose one of our lovely rewards ranging from £2 - £23 we will get them out A.S.A.P and should be with you by the end of July at the latest.



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