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The grand draw!

So we did promise a grand final draw for our ongoing 'Win a free, ethical, 100% organic and funky Gecko t-shirt of your choice' competition (catchy right). We may of also mentioned that this would take place on Rhosneigr beach on the summer solstice...

It's only fair to tell you this did not happen.

North Wales was looking a bit 'bwrw glaw' on summer solstice. The following day conditions were ripe for kite and wind surfing:


Rhosneigr Beach

*DISCLAIMER* We're not photographers, but if you squint you can see all the wind driven sports being wholeheartedly partaken in.

ANYWAY, it was way too windy to draw little pieces of paper from a bag, standing upright was a challenge, plus we couldn't quite recall why the grand draw location was necessary... a jolly office outing was had however.

To the job in hand, our final winners are:

Williams Cowan and James Richards.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer, we've had some great feedback that will help us to keep growing Gecko. Plus, thanks to our first lucky winner the Gecko brand is now making a presence in Canada! The lucky t-shirt.

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