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Samples, samples, samples!

insta imageTweaks for weeks

There was naïve little me thinking letting the sample go was the hard bit. We became fixated on perfecting the fabric pattern, with relentless tweaks.

We knew that despite not having the capital readily available we had to go through the sampling process before manufacturing our first run, despite regularly trying to talk ourselves out of it. Thankfully we didn’t listen to ourselves (a great recipe for a successful marriage). The first challenge came when we handed our beautiful piece over and finally agreed that it was finished. Our manufacturer needed us to axe some colours...

That was so difficult. The first thing we are all about is the bright and colourful designs. It was difficult to limit it to just 6 colours at first, but we feel quietly confident we did a good ole job. When the design is released I will do an evolution post about how and why we had to tweak the design.

If it was easy everyone would be doing it…

There have been few issues with the fabric print. As we are only having a small amount of fabric printed to create the samples at this stage the process isn’t as precise as it would be if we were having a batch of fabric printed. It’s being pretty much done by hand which can cause difficulty as each colour, and there are 6 in our design, have to be applied in stages. The printer needs to align each one perfectly and our design is fairly ‘busy’.

This won’t be an issue on the first run of dungarees as we will be requiring a larger quantity of fabric to be made up so it can be done on a rotary press.

This left us with some decisions, mainly did we redo the design to eliminate this even though it won’t be present in the final product, or do we move forward…

We have opted to move forward. So, now that the payment the international bank held has been released, located and returned to me, I can nowSolo Fox pay my lovely, patient manufacturer (who has been ever so patiently waiting a month for this elusive payment) so that he can post out our samples!

This has put us back a week and counting, but we never expected an easy journey.


These dungarees are being made in this amazing Fairtrade factory in India that sources its organic cotton from local Fairtrade Cooperative
Farmers, supporting small farmers, who handpick their cotton, by giving them a premium price for their crop and keeping their carbon footprint down by sourcing their cotton locally. They are also GOTS (global organic textile standard) registered so everything is organic and lovely (this is a rigorous standard! It isn’t just in regard to the fabric being organic, all dyes, chemicals, processes and packaging involved in the process must be environmentally friendly - more here) We are in the process of applying to see if we can use these standards ourselves on our labels when we make our first run. We will soon be able to share pictures of the talented seamsters creating our dungarees and join in with (albeit a bit late) the Fashion Revolutions #whomademyclothes campaign.cotton-174660_640

You may have seen that we will be releasing these samples for some of you lovely lot to put through their paces and let us know what you think. So, for the price of your opinion, you can be one of the first people to get your hands on Gecko’s new designs! Our dungaree will be in a colourful, funky, unisex pattern and will be available in sizes 6-12 months; 12-18 months; 18-24 months; and 2-3 years.

If you are interested in being one of the first to give them a whirl pop your email on our sign up and you will be magically notified of the process in the coming weeks.

The next 3 weeks are exciting and pretty critical to us. It seems fitting that they will end with us launching an all or nothing crowdfunding campaign! We have put everything we have and more into the sampling process, sanity, new website, sanity, campaign video, did I mention our sanity?

It’s worth it.

Do sign up because we need your advice, enthusiasm and sanity to help see us through J

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