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Mind Over Matter: A Cycle of Despair or How I Begrudge the Ease with which Others Climb Hills

Hello there 2014 and all who sail it!

This is meWe are going to be kick starting the shiny new year with a look at the concept of 'mind over matter' in a series of blog posts with all manner of interesting angles. This is of great interest to me as I have an unruly and adventurous imagination that leads my focus to all manner of strange and inhospitable places.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<This is me.

Firstly, we know this isn't an original subject. It's written from the perspective of an average Joe (some may say Schmo) with the attention span of a politician's promise (simile © Leon Davies.)

This should provide a fresh angle and we can get a good variety of conversation and maybe even entice in some people who actually know what they're talking about!

Looking at mind over matter is of great interest to me as it completely alludes me. I can appreciate how it can strengthen resolve and help find clarity and focus in any moment of testing but that appreciation isn't enough to help me grasp it.

When we were training for the Gecko Challenge, with hindsight, the best thing I could have worked on would have been my "mind over matter".

Our stomping ground in North Wales is a mass of hills, especially when you want to keep off the main drags populated by people hurtling around in metal boxes with a total disregard for us people stupid enough to risk our lives on the road for fun/health/frugality/sadism. Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, big hills.

A cyclists despairAs I approached a particularly mammoth hill, I watched my husband take on the challenge with a fire in his belly. With a whoop he soared up the hill.
I paused at the bottom and quaked, knowing what a killer it was, a destroyer of thighs, and told myself
"I can't do this."
"I can't do this and this is just the start of my journey."
"It goes on and on and on..."
Crushing myself before I have started. Like that wasn't enough, I started thinking,
"If I can't do this hill I will never be able to cycle across Wales."
Not only have I, in the space of a single minute, defeated myself without even getting started on The Hill, I have crushed myself under the entire weight of the Welsh landscape. This is demotivating myself before I even need to draw on the strength of my resolve.
In these situations I don't give in and I do persevere, but not with fighting spirit, gritted teeth and general spunk. I'm jumping off, pushing, jumping back and generally limping through. Once I'm out of the situation and back home I can frame the problem and I feel positivity seep back through me,

"I will keep training, I will train harder, I have plenty of time, I WILL do this." Unfortunately without being able to take that positive approach to the trails it just becomes a cycle (pun intended) of despair.

From personal ponderings I think there is a link to relaxation, how it can de-stress, help you find focus and generally improve your game. I propose to look at this through Yoga and Reiki (in will step people who know what they're talking about). I am also super pleased that a friend and student of psychology will be inputting. I want to build on others perspectives and knowledge as much as possible to give us a more holistic view on what it takes to manage your psyche.

Gecko's open to new ideas, directions and thoughts and theories that will add to the series:

Mind Over Matter: A Cycle of Despair or How I Begrudge the Ease with which Others Climb Hills

We'll be kick starting the series with a blog from an academic and psychological perspective with:

Mind over matter: Buns of steel

If you're reading this and think you have something to contribute, big or small, please comment or get in touch at theears@geckoclothing.com

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