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Getting to know our Brand Representatives - Meet Miss Z

Introducing you to our second little Gecko Brand Rep, this is Miss Z and her sister Baby N. Miss Z is our brand rep, but we are hoping for a few cameos from her adorable little sister!


Miss Z is very almost the big 3 in July.

Do they have a favourite colour?

Z’s fav color might be pink/purple as she gets pretty excited when she sees those colors. But I think in general she likes all colors. She has never refused to wear any specific color.

Do they have a favourite food?

Give Z all the berries!! Anything that has a ‘-berry’ suffix, she gobbles it right up!

N is milk crazy! ;)

What is their favourite game or toy?

Right now Z loves going to the park; running, jumping, climbing and swinging. All the better to for a good night’s sleep!

N loves playing with her hands

Are they crazy for anything in particular? For example my eldest is animal and Peregrine Falcon obsessed and my youngest boy loves all things dinosaur and Wild Kratz!

Z is a proper cat lady! She pretty much screams ‘CAT’ the moment she sees one and then continues to randomly meow for the next couple of minutes.

N on the other hand is milk crazy! LOL.

What 5 words describe your little one best?

Z: can I say that she’s full of beans? ;)

Z is observant, energetic, funny, silly, lovable

N is just a happy, happy baby!

What is your proudest moment as a parent?

I feel incredible proud when I see how caring Z is. The first time she came running towards me asking, ‘Mama, are you okay?’; made my heart swell five times its size. She is the most caring sister and daughter and I feel so very lucky to have her, even if she does drive me mad sometimes! Haha!

Stay tuned, still another 10 amazing little Geckoites to meet!

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