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Getting to know our Brand Representatives - Meet Leo


So as you know we have 12 amazing brand reps that we can’t wait to get to know! We have sent a few questions over to their big people to help us get to know them a little more.


This is little cutie is Leo Anthony Brearley, Soon to be one years old this very month of May:Leo

  1. Does Leo have a favourite colour?


  1. Does Leo have a favourite food?

Breast Milk

  1. What’s Leo’s their favourite game or toy?

His favourite toy is his Jumperoo where he gets to bounce around to music

  1. What 5 words describe Leo best?

5 words to describe Leo are courageous, strong willed, fighter, smiler, and beautiful.

  1. What is your proudest moment as a parent?

 He may be only one but he has been through it in the last 6 months. He died in November but was resuscitated and from that point I knew he was a little fighter. Only one month ago he had open heart surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital. He recovered amazingly with a smile always on his face. Leo has gone up and above to make me proud of how strong he is. He has an older brother Kai Michael who adores him!

As you probably saw from his picture Leo has Down syndrome, and it makes Leo who he is. I wouldn't change anything about him. He lights up my life and everybody who he comes into contact with.  We called him Leo because of Leo the lion. I knew he would be strong and brave in every aspect of his life.


We are incredibly excited to have our first team of brand reps! It’s been fantastic reading over all the responses to our questions and chatting with their parents. We can’t wait till our Spring/Summer line lands to get started so we are sending some of our present Autumn/Winter designs out so watch this space for what’s set to be a cuteness overload!

If you entered the brand rep search and missed our announcement on Instagram we have set up a little thank you special for everyone that entered as we loved seeing all those beautiful faces and were bowled over by the amazing response! Hop on over and check it out!


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