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Earlier this week we asked some of you what you loved most about Gecko to help us write a pitch. What we neglected to say was that pitch was worth £10,000!

Wednesday evening fuelled by your wonderful response we recorded a 60 second pitch andsave the bees entered NACUE’s Varsity Pitch competition with 1 hour to spare! The winner of Varsity will
receive £10,000 to invest in their business. For us that could mean we could further extend out
Spring/Summer 2016 range and secure more stockists of Gecko goodness. That would be
massive for Gecko. Your response to our Autumn/Winter offering has been phenomenal and we would love to release even more of our designs! We are bursting at the well made seams to release some of the exciting things we have planned and designed here – you may spot a couple if you have seen the video…


Even more fun and colour filed unisex designs that allow kids to get on with the all-important business of being kids, each in their beautiful and unique way.
We find out on the 2nd of November if we have got through to the semi finals in London. However we have an opportunity to fast track straight through to the Final as the Peoples Choice by getting the most votes (can you see where I’m going with this…)

We only have untill 5pm Wednesday 28th October to collect votes. In aid of this mammoth feat we have created a new word: fadoozles. We need you to take 2 seconds and vote for us. You are not asked for any details or information, you just need to follow the link and hit vote, that simple. Then please share the FADOOZLES out of it.

If you’re not convinced, then hop over and check out our 60 second pitch where I will tell you exactly why Gecko Clothing should win Varsity.

Failing that perhaps the convincing with cuteness approach may work…

convincing with cuteness

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