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Getting to know our Brand Representatives - Meet Zoard

Fourth up in our brand rep introduction is Zoard. I absolutely LOVE how effortlessly cool Zoard is! Zoard is 3 and lives in Hungary.

1.Does Zoard have a favourite colour?

He says pink.

2. Does Zoard have a favourite food?

3. What’s Zoard's favourite game or toy?

I just asked him and he says the monster truck is his favourite toy. (I would say pretend playing is his top favourite thing to do.)
He loves to put things in his suitcase. He likes playing Thomas and Percy with his sister.

4. What is your proudest moment as a parent?

We are proud that he is socially sensitive. He understood when we went to cook for the immigrants and he knows we try to help those in need.

A little more about Zoard:
He has a sophisticated sense of humour. He is very people oriented but he likes to make the first steps in becoming friends. So if someone tries to kiss him as a "stranger", he becomes very distant. He is a really mature child meaning his vocabulary is better than the average and he has a high emotional intelligence. He has flown 60 times so he is very flexible when it comes to changes. He has lived in Spain, Thailand and Hungary.


We are really enjoying getting to know each of our brand reps! We can't wait to see them in the Summer line launching VERY soon. This line is very exclusive and limited be sure to comepop along and check out our Facebook Launch event

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