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Getting to know our Brand Representatives - Meet Dottie

So today we are introducing our fifth Super Star, Dottie. I absolutely love the energy in the picture of Dottie below. Another amazing little character representing Gecko Clothing.

Gecko Clothing Brand Red Dottie

1.Does Dottie have a favourite colour?

Yellow, blue, red and green.

2. Does Dottie have a favourite food?

3. What’s Dottie's favourite game or toy?

Play with Remy the rat, dressing up, playing star wars- favourite toy is my stormtrooper and purple yoyo.

4. What is your proudest moment as a parent?

Sounds cheesy but I think I have a new one everyday they  (I also have a 15 month old called Olive.) do something amazing every single day that makes me proud. Naughty proud parent moment Dottie breaking through the security fences at Hampton court to run across the protected fountain area much to the claps and cheers of the other visitors

5. What 5 words describe your Dottie best?

Spirited, adventurous, active, Caring, fun.

6. Is Dottie crazy for anything in particular?
Star Wars especially the dark side (slightly worrying.) She loves Rey from the new film though (I'd never seen Star Wars until a few months back.) and dinosaurs, Dottie loves all the dinosaurs and her daddy has a dinosaur tattoo on his arm that's Dottie's dinosaur. She's currently very worried about mermaids because she doesn't know how they poop in her own words “because they don't have a bumhole.”


I think these mini interviews are really highlighting what amazing and unique little people all children are. Such a pleasure to read and get to know each one!

If you are intrigued about any aspect of Gecko Clothing then be sure to tune in Tuesday evening when Emma, The Gecko, will be interviewed live on Facebook by Eventual Mother where you can put your questions to them ---> Check the event out HERE<---

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