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Getting to know our Brand Representatives - Meet Darcy-Rae

Third up is the completely adorable Darcy-Rae. Darcy-Rae is 8 Months old and is names after her great grandfather 'Rae'. Both our boys first names come from our family members and i love hearing about why and how we pick the names for our little people!


1.Does Darcy-Rae have a favourite colour?

Well I realised today on the airing horse every item was either mustard, grey, or white. ? WE LOVE YELLOW!

2. Does Darcy-Rae have a favourite food?

Carrot flavoured crisps are her favourite at the minute.

3. What’s Darcy-Rae's favourite game or toy?

Darcy loves her most simple toys, rattle balls, stacker pots & plastic links ( easily pleased ). At the minute Darcy is crazy for most theme tunes on CBeebies RAA RAA THE NOISEY LITTLE LION! Musical things and instruments.

4. What 5 words describe Darcy-Rae best?

Smiley, cheeky, strong, brave, cuddly

5. What is your proudest moment as a parent?

My proudest moments when she was first born and she managed to drink from a bottle, because of her cleft lip this can be a struggle but Darcy smashed it!

Also being so brave at the age of 6'months and having her first operation and being a complete superstar!

A little more about Darcy as you may of read Darcy was born with a cleft lip and palate. We found out about it on our 20 week scan. It was such a worrying time of our lives, but as soon as she was here all the worrying went away. She's been through so much already and still so much more to come!

We are proud to be selected to brand rep for company's, as I love to show her off and let people see how proud I am of her, and all the messages I have had from random people telling me they are due to have a cleft baby and how Darcy's profile has made them so much more relaxed and excited to meet there little one!

She's a superstar and has helped so many people already and she doesn't even know it ?


I think you will all agree that Darcy-Rae is a Superstar! We are so lucky to have 12 such amazing and adorable Brand Reps at Gecko!

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