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Bran rep search im12016 is well and truly here and we have so much we want to bring to you this year! We are on the hunt for some very special Brand Representatives to help us spread the good word of Gecko Clothing!

We are looking for children between the ages of 6 months and 8 years that love fun filled, colourful clothing, with a big person happy and ready to take regular good quality images. In return you will receive all the latest Gecko, free, hot off the press, straight to your door to kit you out for your adventures.

As ever it’s very important to us that we represent the diversity and beauty of all children. We are looking for a variety of children, including those with physical disabilities, sensory impairments and those living with medical conditions, to get involved.

We are quite partial to kids here at Gecko (possibly infested, there’s always an awful lot of them running around!) Like all people kids are so unique, filled with promise, mischief and possibility. We want to celebrate and represent them, the spectrum of amazing little people! We specifically want to celebrate them in Gecko Clothing! Let’s get representing ALL kids!

We are specifically looking for Instagram Brand Reps so whilst we would be over joyed if you brand rep search im2were to share your images on Facebook and Twitter to enter you will need an Instagram account. It’s simple to enter just follow these 4 steps:


  1. Follow us on Instagram @Gecko_Clothing
  2. Submit no more than 2 pictures of your little person,
  3. To submit: tag your picture/s #bygecko #geckobrandrep #brandrepsearch
  4. Share your favourite @Gecko_Clothing image



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