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Christmas hamper à la teen

So we asked Gecko Clothing’s very own Teen what her ideal home made hamper to receive would be and a few suggestions on some other hamper ideas for her peers. We believe there is no average ‘Teen’, they’re all individual and, whilst we are led to believe that most would be overjoyed at cold card cash, here are some other ideas:

The Teen’s Perfect hamper:

  • Socks, lots of socks;socks
  • Refresher sweets and drum sticks;
  • Chockstix (chocolate on a lollipop stick that you melt into hot milk for hot chocolate);
  • Salt & vinegar Kettle crisps;
  • Hand warmers;
  • A hamster (not to snack on);
  • Peppermint & caramel coffee

Other teen appropriate hampers suggested and teen verified:

  • Film night hamper: A series box set or films, popcorn and fizzy drink
  • Game night hamper: A console game, crisps, dip, fizzy drink
  • Pamper night hamper: Facemasks, bath bombs, nail varnish, chocolate
  • Make up hamper: Different make ups & nail varnish

Feel free to post any comments. Want to get some teen feedback on Christmas present? We can make that happen just for you, anything for you. Go ahead, post your query, or email in.

*DISCLAIMER we do not condone animals as presents. Unless you are said teens appropriate adult it’s a bad call. I am said teens appropriate ‘adult’ and she is not having a hamster, she has a cat. If you do buy a pet  why not find one that's in a rescue home and is in need of your love? Always remember that you're not just buying a pet, you are getting a new member of your family and must be treated  as such.


Profile of The Teen:the teen

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Hobbies & interests: Making a mess, lounging, chilling, consuming, binge watching TV series in one sitting, preening, drinking insanely surgery drinks, selfies, online ‘window’ shopping for things she can’t afford, learning French, world domination plots with Mojo (her cat).

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