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Catnapping clingypuss loves Cuski!

We found out about Cuski when we were looking for a comforter for our youngest son Bran.
Bran is the third (and final!) addition to our family. Although the quiet and calmest little member, he is most definitely the clingliest! We are not dummy users and the other two were never interested in any comforters whatsoever. We liked the concept of Cuski and love that the brand name is based on the Welsh word for sleep – Cysgu.Cysgu hefo Cuski

The Cuski concept:

Mummy/Daddy sleep with Cuski to transfer all their comforting scents on to Cuski’s unique material. When introduced to your baby/toddler, Cuski will create a cosy safe environment for your little one to drift off to sleep still feeling the closeness of you.”

We were very excited when our Cuski arrived. I did manage to confuse myself and did think I had ordered a Cuski Boo which is made of organic bamboo,  (Cuskiboo is officially approved by the National Health Service, with its own protocol for use in SCBUs & NICUs) when in fact I had ordered the original Cuski

We diligently followed the guidance and Cuski lived with me in my jumper and in our bed for 48 hours (something else contending for a share in the bed). I was rather excited about the introduction. Bran was about 4 months old and rather indifferent at first which was somewhat deflating! I got over it I started keeping it by him and when he was having a feed I would rub it on his hand and encourage him to hold it. The idea, so I have read, is to associate the comforter with, well, comfort. After a few weeks it worked just at the point I was ready to give up! I think it took Bran a lot longer to connect with the Cuski because it was introduced to him at 4 months rather than at birth. Hindsight is just so beautiful!

Our beautiful catnapping clingypuss, is still a catnapper clingypuss, but he catnaps in his own bed now. It has definitely helped him with his dislike of not being constantly cuddled and he’s happy in his own space now which is just great for heaps of reasons for us both!

So this family give all round thumbs up to Cuskis and Cuski Boos, our only regret being we didn’t have one from Bran’s day 1. It’s good for him to have the reassurance as he grows, so better late than never!

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