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  • Getting to know our Brand Representatives - Meet Dottie

    So today we are introducing our fifth Super Star, Dottie. I absolutely love the energy in the picture of Dottie below. Another amazing little character representing Gecko Clothing.

    Gecko Clothing Brand Red Dottie

    1.Does Dottie have a favourite colour?

    Yellow, blue, red and green.

    2. Does Dottie have a favourite food?

    3. What’s Dottie's favourite game or toy?

    Play with Remy the rat, dressing up, playing star wars- favourite toy is my stormtrooper and purple yoyo.

    4. What is your proudest moment as a parent?

    Sounds cheesy but I think I have a new one everyday they  (I also have a 15 month old called Olive.) do something amazing every single day that makes me proud. Naughty proud parent moment Dottie breaking through the security fences at Hampton court to run across the protected fountain area much to the claps and cheers of the other visitors

    5. What 5 words describe your Dottie best?

    Spirited, adventurous, active, Caring, fun.

    6. Is Dottie crazy for anything in particular?
    Star Wars especially the dark side (slightly worrying.) She loves Rey from the new film though (I'd never seen Star Wars until a few months back.) and dinosaurs, Dottie loves all the dinosaurs and her daddy has a dinosaur tattoo on his arm that's Dottie's dinosaur. She's currently very worried about mermaids because she doesn't know how they poop in her own words “because they don't have a bumhole.”


    I think these mini interviews are really highlighting what amazing and unique little people all children are. Such a pleasure to read and get to know each one!

    If you are intrigued about any aspect of Gecko Clothing then be sure to tune in Tuesday evening when Emma, The Gecko, will be interviewed live on Facebook by Eventual Mother where you can put your questions to them ---> Check the event out HERE<---

  • Getting to know our Brand Representatives - Meet Zoard

    Fourth up in our brand rep introduction is Zoard. I absolutely LOVE how effortlessly cool Zoard is! Zoard is 3 and lives in Hungary.

    1.Does Zoard have a favourite colour?

    He says pink.

    2. Does Zoard have a favourite food?

    3. What’s Zoard's favourite game or toy?

    I just asked him and he says the monster truck is his favourite toy. (I would say pretend playing is his top favourite thing to do.)
    He loves to put things in his suitcase. He likes playing Thomas and Percy with his sister.

    4. What is your proudest moment as a parent?

    We are proud that he is socially sensitive. He understood when we went to cook for the immigrants and he knows we try to help those in need.

    A little more about Zoard:
    He has a sophisticated sense of humour. He is very people oriented but he likes to make the first steps in becoming friends. So if someone tries to kiss him as a "stranger", he becomes very distant. He is a really mature child meaning his vocabulary is better than the average and he has a high emotional intelligence. He has flown 60 times so he is very flexible when it comes to changes. He has lived in Spain, Thailand and Hungary.


    We are really enjoying getting to know each of our brand reps! We can't wait to see them in the Summer line launching VERY soon. This line is very exclusive and limited be sure to comepop along and check out our Facebook Launch event

  • Summer model call at Gecko Clothing

    So who is excited for our very exclusive little summer line being launched next Month?

    We have a mini model call!
    We are looking for a couple of children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years that are local to #NorthWales.
    As ever it’s very important to us that we represent the diversity and beauty of all children. We are looking for a variety of children, including those with physical disabilities, sensory impairments and those living with medical conditions, to get involved.
    If you have a little person that you think would love to be involved then please send a recent picture with their name, age, height, chest and waist measurements to theears@geckoclothing.com
    If you have been in touch before we do still have you on record and will get in touch if you are selected to see if you are still interested in being involved.
  • Getting to know our Brand Representatives - Meet Darcy-Rae

    Third up is the completely adorable Darcy-Rae. Darcy-Rae is 8 Months old and is names after her great grandfather 'Rae'. Both our boys first names come from our family members and i love hearing about why and how we pick the names for our little people!


    1.Does Darcy-Rae have a favourite colour?

    Well I realised today on the airing horse every item was either mustard, grey, or white. ? WE LOVE YELLOW!

    2. Does Darcy-Rae have a favourite food?

    Carrot flavoured crisps are her favourite at the minute.

    3. What’s Darcy-Rae's favourite game or toy?

    Darcy loves her most simple toys, rattle balls, stacker pots & plastic links ( easily pleased ). At the minute Darcy is crazy for most theme tunes on CBeebies RAA RAA THE NOISEY LITTLE LION! Musical things and instruments.

    4. What 5 words describe Darcy-Rae best?

    Smiley, cheeky, strong, brave, cuddly

    5. What is your proudest moment as a parent?

    My proudest moments when she was first born and she managed to drink from a bottle, because of her cleft lip this can be a struggle but Darcy smashed it!

    Also being so brave at the age of 6'months and having her first operation and being a complete superstar!

    A little more about Darcy as you may of read Darcy was born with a cleft lip and palate. We found out about it on our 20 week scan. It was such a worrying time of our lives, but as soon as she was here all the worrying went away. She's been through so much already and still so much more to come!

    We are proud to be selected to brand rep for company's, as I love to show her off and let people see how proud I am of her, and all the messages I have had from random people telling me they are due to have a cleft baby and how Darcy's profile has made them so much more relaxed and excited to meet there little one!

    She's a superstar and has helped so many people already and she doesn't even know it ?


    I think you will all agree that Darcy-Rae is a Superstar! We are so lucky to have 12 such amazing and adorable Brand Reps at Gecko!

  • Getting to know our Brand Representatives - Meet Miss Z

    Introducing you to our second little Gecko Brand Rep, this is Miss Z and her sister Baby N. Miss Z is our brand rep, but we are hoping for a few cameos from her adorable little sister!


    Miss Z is very almost the big 3 in July.

    Do they have a favourite colour?

    Z’s fav color might be pink/purple as she gets pretty excited when she sees those colors. But I think in general she likes all colors. She has never refused to wear any specific color.

    Do they have a favourite food?

    Give Z all the berries!! Anything that has a ‘-berry’ suffix, she gobbles it right up!

    N is milk crazy! ;)

    What is their favourite game or toy?

    Right now Z loves going to the park; running, jumping, climbing and swinging. All the better to for a good night’s sleep!

    N loves playing with her hands

    Are they crazy for anything in particular? For example my eldest is animal and Peregrine Falcon obsessed and my youngest boy loves all things dinosaur and Wild Kratz!

    Z is a proper cat lady! She pretty much screams ‘CAT’ the moment she sees one and then continues to randomly meow for the next couple of minutes.

    N on the other hand is milk crazy! LOL.

    What 5 words describe your little one best?

    Z: can I say that she’s full of beans? ;)

    Z is observant, energetic, funny, silly, lovable

    N is just a happy, happy baby!

    What is your proudest moment as a parent?

    I feel incredible proud when I see how caring Z is. The first time she came running towards me asking, ‘Mama, are you okay?’; made my heart swell five times its size. She is the most caring sister and daughter and I feel so very lucky to have her, even if she does drive me mad sometimes! Haha!

    Stay tuned, still another 10 amazing little Geckoites to meet!

  • Getting to know our Brand Representatives - Meet Leo


    So as you know we have 12 amazing brand reps that we can’t wait to get to know! We have sent a few questions over to their big people to help us get to know them a little more.


    This is little cutie is Leo Anthony Brearley, Soon to be one years old this very month of May:Leo

    1. Does Leo have a favourite colour?


    1. Does Leo have a favourite food?

    Breast Milk

    1. What’s Leo’s their favourite game or toy?

    His favourite toy is his Jumperoo where he gets to bounce around to music

    1. What 5 words describe Leo best?

    5 words to describe Leo are courageous, strong willed, fighter, smiler, and beautiful.

    1. What is your proudest moment as a parent?

     He may be only one but he has been through it in the last 6 months. He died in November but was resuscitated and from that point I knew he was a little fighter. Only one month ago he had open heart surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital. He recovered amazingly with a smile always on his face. Leo has gone up and above to make me proud of how strong he is. He has an older brother Kai Michael who adores him!

    As you probably saw from his picture Leo has Down syndrome, and it makes Leo who he is. I wouldn't change anything about him. He lights up my life and everybody who he comes into contact with.  We called him Leo because of Leo the lion. I knew he would be strong and brave in every aspect of his life.


    We are incredibly excited to have our first team of brand reps! It’s been fantastic reading over all the responses to our questions and chatting with their parents. We can’t wait till our Spring/Summer line lands to get started so we are sending some of our present Autumn/Winter designs out so watch this space for what’s set to be a cuteness overload!

    If you entered the brand rep search and missed our announcement on Instagram we have set up a little thank you special for everyone that entered as we loved seeing all those beautiful faces and were bowled over by the amazing response! Hop on over and check it out!


  • Introducing...

    Did you see? We announced our brand representatives! WOW, what a turn out for the brand rep search! You guys are amazing, thank you for getting involved. Nearly 500 images of wonderful wee cookies were entered to represent Gecko Clothing! We had a real job and a challenge narrowing it down to just 12, which was more than double the amount we intended!

    Brandrep finalists

    Over the next few weeks we are going to be getting to know these lovely little people and sharing it with you. We can't wait to get some organic Gecko goodness out to them and see them rocking their Gecko threads!

    We will definitely be doing more brand rep campaigns in the future, so make sure you are following us on Instagram. Thank you to everyone that entered.

  • What is Normal?

    Aloha! It is I, The Gecko, Emma, AKA Emorrhoids for at least 6 years of my life because my brother thinks he's THAT funny.

    So ya'll know about our awesome Brand rep search and we've had some beautiful entries! I can't wait to get picking a Gecko rep crew! The search has been extended to April the 15th, so plenty of time if you haven't entered already.

    The work on the Brand rep search got me inspired to write my latest piece published over at Huffington Post, 'What is Normal?'

    What is Normal?

    I am 33 years old. I am a mother of three very different, wonderful children. I am a white, Welsh, married woman. I want to know, what is normal? What do we even mean by labelling things “normal,” are we tagging them as socially acceptable? If you’re not “normal,” does that make you abnormal? A word that we so frequently associate with weird and therefore a lack of social acceptability?

    Aren’t we all different? Doesn’t the same media that revels in pointing out anything and anyone that dares to stray from the norm also increasingly revel in telling us to celebrate our differences? So, surely, we should accept that, in a world inhabited by over 7 billion people, different is the new normal. The real normal...

    For the rest of the article hop on over to Huffington Post, be sure to leave a comment sharing your thoughts! Thanks guys, you rock - have a magical weekend!

  • Sneaky Spring/Summer peeks





    For this season we plumbed the darkest depths of the ocean for our brightest, funkiest and most unique design to date! With a range inspired by those special memories of summer holiday adventures, when the sun shone brighter and adventure was rife in the air.

    This is a little sneak peek. Yellow or blue? Blue or yellow?

    We are divided at the Terrarium with 3 votes for yellow and 2 for blue!

    We can't wait to release the full line for you. Please share your vote and thoughts with us in the comments.


    It was a close call, but you answered....

    coming soon
  • What is a Brand Rep?

    A Brand Rep, short for Brand Representative, is someone that represents a brand, in our case on Instagram. Brands choose their representative based on photography style and skills and the individual representatives style. Brands will be looking for styles that line well with their own. It's like modelling from home.

    We are looking for little reps who have some talented photographers in their life. Gecko Clothing is about fun and colourful clothes that allow and celebrate kids for being kids. We will be looking for reps that can match that. We want reps that will get down to the important business of playing and exploring in our clothes.Brand rep search im3

    What we want from our Brand Rep:

    1. Regular pictures of our clothes. This can include them in action on our Brand rep or laid out in outfit ideas etc.
    2. We would like to be able to catch up with them once in a while, whether that be via a little vlog or blog post.

    We love the idea of watching out Brand reps grow with Gecko!

    What we are offering in return to our brand rep:

    1. Each of our items when they are released, in each design and colour option.

    How to enter

    We are specifically looking for Instagram Brand Representatives so whilst we would love you to share your images far and wide, to enter you will need an Instagram account. It’s simple to enter just follow these 4 steps:


    1. Follow us on Instagram @Gecko_Clothing
    2. Submit no more than 2 pictures of your little person,
    3. Tag your picture/s #bygecko #geckobrandrep
    4. Share your favourite @Gecko_Clothing image/ or like and tell us which is your favourite image.

    Feel free to connect with us and tell us why you’ve entered, happy for you to post your chosen pictures on our Facebook page, or tweet them to us, but if you want to enter to be a brand representative we do need them tagged on Instagram.


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