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A gift to Cherish

Happy Accidents

Ever wondered where all the ideas for some of the beautiful things you see in craft shops, galleries and fairs?

I hear customers in the shop saying to each other "you would never think of doing that would you?” or "where do people get their ideas from?" and that is what makes handmade special.

It really is the contents of someone’s head and heart. Most people who create just have to do it,. It's like an itch that has to be scratched. I know I see a piece of paper and straight away I am thinking “ooh I could make.....” or “this would make a lovely.....”

Don’t get me wrong sometimes I start off as making one thing and then it turns into something else, I like to call them happy accidents. Although some of my best work is happy accidents.

So yesterday I bought little tiny tassels and can’t wait till tomorrow to get to work to make something to put them on.

conwy 2

Everyone is unique

During workshops I could give ten people the same materials and everyone will make something different. As I say the contents of our heads and hearts.

I can’t tell you how lovely it is when I finish making something, put it out in the shop and then see somebody picking it up and having a good look and then deciding to buy it.

It’s not the money, though that is nice, it’s the thought that that person loves it as much as I do. Lots of times they tell me the story of where their purchase is going and another part of my work's story begins.

I LOVE HANDMADE and I love making Handmade.

A gift to cherish

So here is the thing, Christmas IS COMING. If you’re like me it will have taken you by surprise AGAIN. So we are all starting to think about what we would like to give all the special people in our lives. We could give them some boxed toiletries from a large chain, nice. But what about something that shines?

Something to keep and cherish. Handmade really is special. It has been lovingly made by a maker who has maybe spent months thinking and designing your gift before sitting and creating it out of all sorts of gorgeousness.

So go to your local High street, to your local handmade shop and a whole new world will open up. Have a coffee or lunch in a local cafe. Bet you find there are shops you never noticed before. There will probably be Christmas events on. So now it’s a day out, a day to enjoy and remember.

See where I’m going here? A lot nicer than trawling round some hot stuffy department store full of the usual tat.

This year I am giving my Dad a Handmade memory album with a note in it asking him to give it me as my Christmas present next year. But filled with photos from his family tree, with notes telling me who they are and stories about them. Merry Christmas folks or should I say a Merry Handmade Christmas to you all.


This post was written by Michelle, Chief Mischief Maker and General Sorter Outer at Conwy Art and Craft, a truly magical little shop on the High Street in Conwy, as part of our 'Getting your Christmas on' series that you can catch up with here.

Conwy Arts and Craft stocks all manner of beautifully crafted pieces from local artists and crafters.

Be sure to pop along to 7a High Street, Conwy LL328DB. Open 10am til 5pm Monday to Saturday and 11am till 4.30pm Sunday. You can find them on Facebook too, so go and say hi!

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