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5 top tips to prepare for the biggest challenges

You may of caught up with me, The Gecko and my attempts to train for a Sprint Triathlon. I have set up my own blog area, you can pop over and catch up with my ramblings here

I’ve been enlisting help from all corners! One of those corners is John-Paul Ashton Director and Founder of Triathlon Box. John-Paul is a seasoned triathlete and Ironman champ.

John-Paul very kindly took the time to put together his top 5 tips. They’re pretty awesome and transferable tips for any challenge!


5 top tips to prepare for the biggest challenges

Having been asked to think about my top 5 Triathlon tips, it really got me thinking.  I’m now coming into my ninth Triathlon season and still loving the training and the racing.  So what would I suggest?

1. Plan

As a Project manager by day I have to plan, plan, and plan to fit everything in.  I try to design in what I’m going to achieve each year. Then break that down into smaller monthly and weekly goals. Try to reward yourself for hitting your targets.  Be it a chocolate bar, and extra rest day or a new bike. Schedule in rest days and weeks, they are key to your success. Help yourself to Free triathlon training plans.

2. Train hard and safe.

You’ll see pictures of people on social media training in all weathers.  That’s great if you have a huge budget and can afford all the safety gear, winter bike tyres, cross trainers, etc. I’m all for training in doors as much as possible through local gym membership.  Then when the spring months come you’ll be ready to train outdoors.  If you’re new to the sport joining a local club is a huge plus and cheap too (about £40 a year).  You will meet likeminded triathletes at various different levels.

3. Be race ready.

When race day comes it is best to be prepared.  Chances are you will have to get up before the sun has gone down from the night before.  So I find preparing a great way to be race ready.  I’d suggest that you bike and run the course before the race if you can.  Read all the race pack to see if there are any certain issues at the race.  Doing this just means that you know where you’re going and gets you mentally prepared.  Pack all your kit the night before into your bag or triathlon box.  You’ll sleep better knowing your read.

4. Know your own capabilities.

So many people I talk to are scared of the swim and this is why people say they haven’t done a triathlon race.  If you know you’re a poor swimmer you can still enjoy this great sport, just position yourself at the back of the swim.  You’ll soon be swimming past people I guarantee it.  Build your confidence with open water training sessions run by local clubs if you can.

5. Enjoy it.

There are not many people that are great triathletes that don’t enjoy the sport and all the people involved in the sport.  Meeting new people is Triathalonboxwhat it is all about.  So get out there enjoy the training.  Enjoy race day by preparing.  Most of all enjoy the feeling of having that medal or race t-shirt and the feeling of having a healthier life style.

John-Paul is founder of Triathlonbox is a new, innovative, British way to reduce stress on the day of your triathlon competition.  Through the sleek design and compartmentalisation everything you need is where you need it, exactly when you need it.  From leaving your home, through to entry in to the water and post-race recovery, Triathlonbox is there to help you to be your best on the day of your triathlon.


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