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You may have caught our canvassing for votes in a bid to make Peoples Choice in the Varisty Pitch competition. If not you can catch a bit more information in the post below: Growing Gecko.

We entered in the 11th hour and turned to you lovely lot for some inspiration on why you love Gecko in order to put a dazzling 60 second pitch together. As ever you guys came up trumps!

Here are some of the awesome feedback you gave us on why you loved Gecko Clothing:

“I love the vibrant approach fun funky and the fact that it is a real family passion. 
Authentic and unique.”

“I would say (especially coming from Flo's point of view) about them allowing her to move freely without restraint. I'm totally in love with the prints too, if they were stocked in a shop they would totally stand out on the rack because of the colours and the print.”

“They're fun! Proper kids clothes for proper kids - you know, the ones that roll in leaves, make mud pies, dig up bones and climb trees! That and they're ethical, so you know you're doing other people and the planet good using them too”

“Children’s clothes that make children look like children not streetwise adults!!!!”

We were flying high after reading these comments and more! We feel incredibly honoured to receive the support we do from you guys and it’s been fantastic to see people getting excited and sharing the link to our Varsity pitch imploring others to vote for us – not to mention the growing excitement for our new designs, so THANK YOU!

We also received this poem which sums up beautifully why our clothes are unisex:

“My child is a kid, not simply a boy
His interests reach further than blue
We want him to have options, be free to be him
And, to do this, we need something new

We won't restrict him to games of soldiers and war
Of these stereotypes we must simply let go
His clothes should reflect more than his Y chromosome
And we'll do this with the help of GECKO!

This was written by Siobhan from Eventual Mother who has been another amazing advocate of Gecko Clothing. You can check this great piece she wrote about us during our crowdfunding campaign: My son likes DOLLS!!!

We were against the wire, but you can check our 60 second pitch below and do let us know what you think. If you have a spare second pop over to our Varsity page and vote for us (voting closes Wednesday 28th October at 5pm (GMT)). If we get the most votes we will be one step closer to winning £10,000 investment for Gecko Clothing so we can create even more beautiful and funky designs.


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