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  • Diolch yn fawr iawn (Thank you very much)

    WOWSERS! What an amazing 3 days. Since we opened the site for presales it’s been crazy, in the most amazing way.
    As ever you guys have been phenomenal. Thank you, seriously, just thank you.

    Gecko Clothing is about Ryan and I creating our dream and it’s happening thanks to all your support and encouragement, go give yourself an immense High Five.
    We have had stockist interest from as far as Australia and the US, which means we could be a global brand by the end of the week!?!
    We have a super short window to extend our manufacture run. Past that point wholesale orders will be first come, first serve from our stock ordered which is already selling out much faster than anticipated through pre-sales!

    So if you are a stockist interested in stocking us, or know of one that you think we would be perfect for drop me, Emma, The Gecko a line on thegecko@geckoclothing.com for a chat.

    In the meantime, please just keep up your fantastic support. Share our pre-sales page and help spread the good word about Gecko goodness.


  • Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

    As you may know we spent much of this year gearing up a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to get manufacturing some of our designs. Unfortunately despite our hard work and passion we weren’t successful. However we received an overwhelming amount of support and excitement for our mission so as promised we didn’t give up!

    Plan C was a goer

    After the crowdfunding campaign ended, we put together two alternative plans, and the second one – Plan C – is where we are now. This means that  our first units are in manufacture and available for presales! We really could never have got this far without you. The support and cheerleading we have received alone have been amazing, it can be hard and more than a touch scary for a small business to put it all out there, financially and artistically, and you have made it worthwhile.

    Also some of the awesome bloggers and all around lovlies that covered our campaign like: Zommbie Mummy; Eventual Mother; A Crazy Mothers Words; Military Mummy Mackin; There and Back again, A mothers Tale; Medicated Follower of Fashion; Shaping Youth; Super Busy Mum; Junior Style, This Week in the Garden and of course the Babi Pur guys! (Hope I haven’t missed any of you off there!)

    We also actively sought your feedback and opinions and we are very glad we did as the response has been phenomenal.


    You spoke, we listened...

    We got in touch with all our amazing backers from the crowdfunding campaign and asked for your feedback on our designs and then got implementing. In addition to the changes outlined below we also commissioned them in both nutty nature print and space odyssey, as well as creating  a few size 3-4 years dungarees in response to interest.

    After putting our dungaree samples through their paces (with our special super mucky and adventurous toddler testers) we took a close look at how they fared.

    The-New-Cut (002)

    Tested by real toddlers!

    We have also changed the design (ever so slightly) and the print method after toddler tester's numerous digs in the dirt showed that, after many, many soaks and washes, the animals were beginning to fade - as do most of us after being put through toddler testers' exploits.

    Although toddler testers liked the fit, we worried that it could be somewhat restrictive, thus we changed the cut to give them more room to move and play!

    the collection


    As a thank you for all your fantabulousness we opening up the website to take presales at the special price we had for the Kickstarter to thank you all for getting us this far.

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