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  • Samples, samples, samples!

    insta imageTweaks for weeks

    There was naïve little me thinking letting the sample go was the hard bit. We became fixated on perfecting the fabric pattern, with relentless tweaks.

    We knew that despite not having the capital readily available we had to go through the sampling process before manufacturing our first run, despite regularly trying to talk ourselves out of it. Thankfully we didn’t listen to ourselves (a great recipe for a successful marriage). The first challenge came when we handed our beautiful piece over and finally agreed that it was finished. Our manufacturer needed us to axe some colours...

    That was so difficult. The first thing we are all about is the bright and colourful designs. It was difficult to limit it to just 6 colours at first, but we feel quietly confident we did a good ole job. When the design is released I will do an evolution post about how and why we had to tweak the design.

    If it was easy everyone would be doing it…

    There have been few issues with the fabric print. As we are only having a small amount of fabric printed to create the samples at this stage the process isn’t as precise as it would be if we were having a batch of fabric printed. It’s being pretty much done by hand which can cause difficulty as each colour, and there are 6 in our design, have to be applied in stages. The printer needs to align each one perfectly and our design is fairly ‘busy’.

    This won’t be an issue on the first run of dungarees as we will be requiring a larger quantity of fabric to be made up so it can be done on a rotary press.

    This left us with some decisions, mainly did we redo the design to eliminate this even though it won’t be present in the final product, or do we move forward…

    We have opted to move forward. So, now that the payment the international bank held has been released, located and returned to me, I can nowSolo Fox pay my lovely, patient manufacturer (who has been ever so patiently waiting a month for this elusive payment) so that he can post out our samples!

    This has put us back a week and counting, but we never expected an easy journey.


    These dungarees are being made in this amazing Fairtrade factory in India that sources its organic cotton from local Fairtrade Cooperative
    Farmers, supporting small farmers, who handpick their cotton, by giving them a premium price for their crop and keeping their carbon footprint down by sourcing their cotton locally. They are also GOTS (global organic textile standard) registered so everything is organic and lovely (this is a rigorous standard! It isn’t just in regard to the fabric being organic, all dyes, chemicals, processes and packaging involved in the process must be environmentally friendly - more here) We are in the process of applying to see if we can use these standards ourselves on our labels when we make our first run. We will soon be able to share pictures of the talented seamsters creating our dungarees and join in with (albeit a bit late) the Fashion Revolutions #whomademyclothes campaign.cotton-174660_640

    You may have seen that we will be releasing these samples for some of you lovely lot to put through their paces and let us know what you think. So, for the price of your opinion, you can be one of the first people to get your hands on Gecko’s new designs! Our dungaree will be in a colourful, funky, unisex pattern and will be available in sizes 6-12 months; 12-18 months; 18-24 months; and 2-3 years.

    If you are interested in being one of the first to give them a whirl pop your email on our sign up and you will be magically notified of the process in the coming weeks.

    The next 3 weeks are exciting and pretty critical to us. It seems fitting that they will end with us launching an all or nothing crowdfunding campaign! We have put everything we have and more into the sampling process, sanity, new website, sanity, campaign video, did I mention our sanity?

    It’s worth it.

    Do sign up because we need your advice, enthusiasm and sanity to help see us through J

  • Who wants to be a grown up?

    Hands up who wants to be a grown up?

    My hand is firmly down. I honestly can’t remember a time it would have ever been raised to that question. Sure, I can remember a time when I wanted to have grown out of school, and a time when I wanted to be old enough to go to pubs, but never a time where I wanted to be a grown up.

    When you are younger you believe that being an adult, being a grown up, means you can do what you want and not have to answer to anyone, now that’s what I craved.

    Dedicated to the causesilliness

    I am dedicated to the cause of not growing up. I watch very little ‘grown up’ TV and much prefer to consume something that originated in a comic book. If there’s some awesome fights scenes I will comment like a teenage boy on the kick assness of their moves. My son and I find the 2 pups on Funnimals that called each other bumface hilarious and a well timed fart will never grow old.

    At Gecko and at home we try and see the lighter side of life, we like to induce smiles in each other and all of you. We love the zany, crazy, off topic, general silliness that life can bring if you embrace it.

    Ten ton Tessy

    This being a grown up business was somewhat of a trap. You certainly can’t do what you want, when you want. Being a grown up means paying the bills, prioritising, housework, *GROWN*

    Or at least that’s how it feels some weeks! Some days the weight of responsibilities burden can weigh heavy on your shoulders. Last week was one of those weeks.

    You may be aware that we are beavering away at the Terrarium to move Gecko forward. That comes with a financial commitment that wasn’t easy for us to make as just a family unit. For the most part we are excited and spurned forward by the prospect of seeing Gecko flourish and grow. However it has meant that we have ‘battened down the hatches’, we are hardly living hand to mouth don’t get me wrong, but we are living frugally, ‘no frills’ (for any of you that remember Kwik Save and their budget range – we are not quite living off baked beans and corned beef just yet). There is little mole peoplebounce in the budget so when these unexpected irritants of life slap us in the face we buckle to the ground and sulk for half an hour.

    Moaning forwards…

    We stumble to our feet, because in reality it really isn’t that bad, nothing a quick sulk can’t fix. There’s food in the cupboard and a roof over our head so self-pity would be misplaced. We are investing in our dreams and that’s amazing, my point is to illustrate how sometimes being a grown up is just a lot like hard work.

    The Geek in particular, Co-founder and husband to The Gecko (me) was feeling ground down at the end of the long march to pay day and an unexpected bill took him down. He turned to me and expressed his displeasure at being a grown up. Which as you can see I have been pondering.

    I wanted to cheer him up. He knows and believes in the long term plan, but I wanted some NOT grown up nonsense to help bridge the journey.

    Join me in mutual not grown upness

    After much deliberation I thought I would put a bucket list of the best, most treasured memories and activities we loved as a kid and just knock puddle splashthem off week by week, or day by day. Savouring every moment of not being grown up. Because the tough fact of it is we are grown up and we will always now be required to carry the weight of that from time to time. However, I have decided that the best way to make that digestible is by bring extra not grown upness to all the other bits, as much as possible. There’s 365 days in a year and 24 hours in most and children have reminded me that I can survive on little sleep.

    So join me and help me, I want a list of all the very best things we loved as a child.

    At the top of this list will be:

    1. Roll down a freshly mowed hill;
    2. Puddle splashing welly session

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