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  • Why we will always be unisex

    It’s time to smash stereotypes

    As it looms ever nearer I find myself reflecting on why I signed up for a triathlon.

    You may have been following my training on my blog and be aware that although I’m not unfit I am no triathlete, heck I couldn’t swim a length a few weeks back!

    Ladies and gentlemen I can announce and confirm that I am completing a triathlon for three reasons:rainbow

    1. To step my fitness up;
    2. To challenge some big focus issues I have;
    3. To smash gender stereotypes my son has newly acquired.

    All three played big factors, but I really wanted to show my beautiful 5 year old son that girls can do anything boys can do! *And of course vice versa*

    My boy, Griff, is in reception Class and has developed these typical gender stereotypical views from being integrated into wider society:

    Girls like pink and not getting dirty and boys do not like pink and are stronger. Girls love to look pretty, things that sparkle and boys like trains and dinosaurs.

    I can assure you that he didn’t embark on his career in education with these views!

    I am not happy about it.

    adven timeEquality needs to start from birth

    Firstly I want to make it clear that I do not think there is anything wrong with girls or boys liking that which stereotypes dictate they should like, I take umbrage with the pigeonholing and the attitude that the 2 genders cannot share in their interests. It bamboozles me why boys can’t like pink, why it makes them less masculine and why indeed it is even important to be masculine!

    When my daughter was 2 one of her favourite things to do was dress up in her tutu, fairy wing and tiara, teamed with her (BOYS) dinosaur wellies and her (BOYS) Thomas the Tank rain mac and go for a puddle splash. We would hunt down the biggest muddiest puddles too. She liked pink, but she also loved dinosaurs and Thomas the Tank. She had a massive collection of dinosaurs and later learned all the names and loved to recite them, turning them over as if she was reading them. My brother brought her a new one once and she asked him what it was called and he replied with ‘Made in China’, took me ages to convince her otherwise!

    She would often take them out and would proudly impress the train or passers-by with her paleontological knowledge, and I NEVER stopped blanching at ‘Girls don’t play with dinosaurs’, and ‘Thomas the Tank is for boys’ that we were regularly met with.

    Why we will only make unisex clothes

    Gecko Clothings’s first guide to goodness has always been about gender equality in clothes:

    We want to make clothes that are of:

    1. Bright & colourful unisex design;
    2. Practical & hardwearing;
    3. Ethical & eco-friendly;
    4. Don’t cost the earth.

    We fight for equality for men and women, we say they should have equal opportunities to be, to do, to to wear as they wish regardless of gender. Yet we stereotype from birth what they get to play with, be interested in and even what colours they should like?!

    This is why our clothes are unisex.

    And we think it’s about time we should join the others drawing attention to this.

    This is not just relevant to parents of girls, gender equality is about both genders.

    Educate and liberate your boys and your girls.

    We are trying to find a great rallying hashtag for our forthcoming campaign if anyone has any suggestions? We particularly like #Clothesthegap, thoughts?

    It would be tremendous if you could take a second to sign up to our Newsletter and get involved. You can also always catch a goodie or two in our Newsletters, just our way of saying thank you for your support!

  • Momentous news

    This is a little, yet momentous update from the world of Gecko. Before I can update you on the new and exciting I must first take you on a journey through the mists of time….


    Imagine timey wimey mists encircling you…


    blog pirateImagine a sweet, innocent, cute 7 year old, now imagine me… I loved clothes! Not in the sense that I always liked to look nice or pretty, but rather in the sense of being obsessed by outfits for dolls and Guinea pigs (well one Guinea in particular by the name of Mr Macgillagody) and I loved to endlessly draw and design clothes with my best friend. A hobby that lasted for a good 10 years that Gecko Clothing saw me revisit. I’m now 32 (just) and I have the same hobby; drawing and designing clothes with my best friend, only now they are not for guinea pigs (RIP Mr Macgillagody).


    As from today I am officially one half of a clothes designer! This was the first thing I ever remember wanting to be, so pretty exciting on many personal levels. I’m not sure how 7 year old me would have felt about the other half being a boy, my husband to be exact!

    Today we commissioned our first samples of a product we have designed from fabric pattern to cuff and trim. You may have caught some of the sneaky peeks last week. I can tell you that this product is for children and the samples should be with us before the end of April!


    Designed to Gecko goodness


    Our 4 guides to Gecko goodness may sound pretty simple:emas fox

    1. Bright & bold unisex designs
    2. Practical & hardwearing
    3. Ethical & eco-friendly
    4. That don’t cost the earth

    Which they are, but they were arrived at from extensive research and personal experience.

    We believe that EVERYONE regardless of age and gender deserve clothes that are:

    1. Bright and colourful, that allow them to express themselves and stand out.
    2. Fit for their purpose, whether than be soft fabrics perfect for crawling, or robust attire for exploring.
    3. We believe that no person, animal, or our planet should suffer to bring us fashion.
    4. Lastly we hope to continually strive to bring our prices down through the economies of scale.


    What’s next?


    Well the samples should be with us by the end of April and then we intend to very quickly go live with a crowdfunding campaign to fund the first manufacture run of 1000 units.

    This is a massive step for us and we will need every single push we have to make this.

    If you think this sounds interesting do sign up for our Newsletter so you can stay in touch and help to support us. As an added bonus we do give away lots of Gecko loveliness to say thank you.

    New exciting Gecko goodness coming soon

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