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  • If we win The Pitch Digital Marketing Award you WILL want to see it...

    So, we asked this question:armour

    “If we win The Pitch Digital Marketing Award we will…”

    Top three answers won goodies. Top answer won the forfeit challenge and set the gauntlet we will run if we win The Pitch Digital Marketing Award.

    Top three answers:

    1. “Write a celebratory song and record a video for it. The video will feature us wearing hippy outfits and 16 stuffed animals.”
    2. “Do a sponsored cycle ride in a suit of armour.”
    3. “We will do a sponsored cycle WHILST bubbling?"

    Being the brave, intrepid and game people that we are we have decided to do a cycle whilst wearing a suit of armour and bubbling! If you would like to write Gecko a celebratory song in anticipation of our possible victory I am sure that we will be able to locate 16 stuffed animals and incorporate this into our victory cycle.

    However, first and foremost we need your vote. We have until Sunday 28 September to get this in the bag so VOTE and let the hilarity follow. We will of course be filming this forfeit for general entertainment purposes.

    Follow this link and just click the green ‘vote’ button. Seriously that’s all it takes. If you really want to show dedication then share, share, SHARE!

    If not just for the entertainment value of seeing us cycle and bubble in armour, possibly juggling 8 stuffed animals a piece and singing some ditty or another, then do it because that prize would mean some big steps for Gecko Clothing. Do it for your small, eco-friendly, ethical, Welsh clothing brand trying to grow something big.


    We owe some big, BIG THANKS to the guys at The Knight Shop for making this happen. If your in the vicinity of North Wales check out their shop opposite Conwy Castle, or check them out online for all your knitghly needs and more! Do i dare make a corny 'Knight in shinning armour' joke...


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