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  • This is a diary entry on running a Kickstarter.

    It is not easy. We did our homework, we listed the places we would promote it etc, but my Lord how naïve we were!

    So to bring you up to date, our Kickstarter went live on Tuesday, giving us 20 days to raise £1800. At the time of writing this I was 4 days in and 12% there and feeling pretty deflated (pre de-stressing hot shower I felt crushed). It is really intense.

    3 Major lessons:

    1. Without a tangible object or a budget bloggers and reviewers aren’t interested

    It is a rather large and steep learning curve. I don’t blame them, it makes perfect sense. At no point during our research and review of blogs did this occur to either of us! I can say that having read well over 100 parent perspective blogs, the UK produce some great opinions and writers, seriously check them out. I have subscribed to a few.

    2. We are not offering anything that people can’t get from a normal shop

    You may question why this didn’t occur to us and rightly so. I shall explain it using the universal language of Doctor Who. The Doctor’s faithful companion Sarah Jane (played by the wonderful Elisabeth Sladen may she RIP). Undoubtedly we have all seen the ‘School reunion’ episode with David Tennant as Doctor Who when Sarah Jane reappears… Sarah Jane, having travelled through time and space and joined The Doctor on so many adventures, when she came back down to Earth (literally and metaphorically) she couldn’t forget what she had seen. She couldn’t look at Earth, her life and their significance in the same light. So much so she got a spin off series.

    That’s almost identical to us! OK, except the bit where we travelled with The Doctor through time and space (although Doctor, if you’re reading it I could do with

    a break when this Kickstarter is finished!).

    We have seen a possible future for Gecko. We know we have some special products, different from what’s presently available, based on our 4 founding principles: (bright & bold unisex designs; eco-friendly & ethical; practical & hard-wearing; that don’t cost the earth). Knowing all these possibilities it’s hard to look at Gecko in the same way that others do, which is seeing Gecko only in its current state, rather than the myriad potentials spreading out into its future.

    Den building

    3. Half term is not a good time to run a Kickstarter campaign.

    Summed up in one sentence and known to all parents all too well; “Mummy, Mummy, Mummy? Look at this? Keep Looking. Look Mummy!”

    I solider on. Belief that our goal is attainable may be slipping, but I’m sure as hell not giving in until the pips run out – Monday the 9th June 4.55pm. Even then Tuesday the 10th about 8:30am, possibly with a fuzzy head, it will be right back to the drawing board because:

    I still believe in Gecko Clothing. I still believe that there’s a market for a clothing brand producing bright and bold unisex designs on clothing that’s eco-friendly and ethical from source to manufacture, that’s practical and hard-wearing and that doesn’t cost the earth (and has sheep poo hangtags).

    I never once believed that the journey would be easy.

  • Kickstarter is LIVE!!!


    Our Kickstarter début is now LIVE!!!


    We now have 20 days to raise our target of

    £1800. You can make this happen and get our organic cotton wardrobe staple ball rolling (we like the mental image of a literal ball of organic cotton wardrobes) If you like what we are about and want to see more then jump on board, pledge, grab a reward and please share our project on!!!

    Check out our video...


  • Kickstarter debut - The blooper reel

  • The Kickstarter debut...

    So, you may be aware that we have been beavering away at The Terrarium, preparing all we can to bring our Children’s line to market, with a bit of Kickstarter help.

    Gecko has been splashing about now some 22 months. Although to date we have only launched 3 men’s t-shirts in 2 colours each, we have been extremely industrious. We have been meeting lovely people and businesses, researching and designing…

    We have decided to focus on the children’s range, sticking with our 4 principles of creating clothes that are of:

    1. Bright & bold designs;
    2. Ethical & eco-friendly manufacture;
    3. Practical & hard-wearing quality;
    4. That don't cost the earth!

    We have 2 children’s products and have designed and developed our little organic cotton socks off perfecting them; talking with suitable manufacturers about producing them and pinning down all the niggly little bits to get them to market, and they are so very almost there!!!

    In the meantime we thought we would foray into the wonderful world of Kickstarter and bring you our organic cotton wardrobe staples range. As a member of the Facebook group ‘Love Organic Clothing?...’ I have noticed how so many of us strive to buy yummy organic goodies for our kids but sometimes struggle with the cost  (hence founding principle 4). We are not in a position to have these organic staples manufactured specifically for Gecko Clothing, so can’t take advantage of the economies of size. However, we have sourced some fantastic products:

    Organic cotton childrens staples

    We have been able to provide them at competitive prices too! These have the same amazing credentials and quality as our t-shirts, which you can read about here.

    The Geek created 2 design options, that we think work well for babies and older kids:

    Design options

    We have submitted our Kickstarter project to the powers that be and hope to be live next week. We are looking for £1800 to get our organic cotton wardrobe staple ball rolling and gathering momentum! Our plan is simple:

    • Step 1: Attain our Kickstarter goal and dish out the deserved rewards;
    • Step 2: Reinvest the profit in producing more,more, MORE;
    • Step 3: Repeat step 1 and 2 until enough capital is built up to have the range manufactured specifically for Gecko. Thus reducing cost per unit and allowing us to sell wholesale to stockists and eventually drop the RRP further!

    As the Meerkats say ‘Simples’….

    Only of course with YOUR help. ‘We need you’ as the 1940’s catchphrase goes! We can’t do it without you. This is your call to arms. If you like what Gecko are trying to achieve, then please spread the word. Sign up for our Newsletter and be ready to reward yourself with one of our lovely Kickstarter rewards!!!

    Kickstarter is all or nothing, so unless we reach £1800 we won’t get anything which will mean we won’t be able to go ahead at this point. If you do kindly support our campaign you won’t be charged until the final day and again only if we make our £1800 goal! If you choose one of our lovely rewards ranging from £2 - £23 we will get them out A.S.A.P and should be with you by the end of July at the latest.



  • Mind Over Matter: The power of goals

    We have a guest blog post from the Founder and Director of Triathalon Box, Triathlon veteran and Ironman champ John-Paul Ashton:Triathalonbox

    Triathlonbox is a new, innovative, British way to reduce stress on the day of your triathlon competition.  Through the sleek design and compartmentalisation everything you need is where you need it, exactly when you need it.  From leaving your home, through to entry in to the water and post-race recovery, Triathlonbox is there to help you to be your best on the day of your triathlon.


    I have been asked to write this blog about mind over matter and examples of how this has changed my life.  At the age of 12 I broke my femur (largest leg bone), losing about 5 inches off my leg length due to the severity of the injury.  I was told I would never walk again.  Six months on from the injury after 2 months on traction, 4 months physio in Grimsby hospital I was back on the golf course caddying for my dad on my crutches, struggling and in pain but still going.


    Being told that I cannot do something has always made me more determined to succeed.  This incident lead me to quite a large weight gain, which lead me to get bullied quite significantly even to the point where I now still see / feel that I’m larger than I am.  But finding sport again at the age of about 25 and eventually triathlon has got me down from a weight of 110kg down to about 87kg.


    This has come from a constant fear of failure and the need to have a very positive attitude.  One moment of weakness that will live with me was hitting the wall on a ride out from Leeds to Sheffield, I got to the bottom of a steady 5 or 6 mile long hill, and hit the wall – I had my bike over my head ready to throw it off the cliff and leaving me stranded.  This constant breaking of myself and the rebuilding stronger has lead me to this point in my life where I am constantly striving to improve.


    Triathlonbox has been an amazing example of this, I have had to work hard during the day in the office and then come hope tired, and I have to power on for another three to four hours to try to self-promote my new product.  This has been a constant mind of matter issue as the number of nights & weekends that I have wanted to give in especially when people are being very negative about Triathlonbox.


    I have always had the ability to take criticism well and take on board what they have said and learn from it and this has been the case with Triathlonbox and its development. I’ve had a great deal of criticism from people about its design and form and function – but I have taken these low moments and used what people have said to make improvements which has got me to my current prototype.


    If I could give one piece of advice that I have used to become faster / stronger and a better person it would be to set goals.  6 years ago I set myself some 5 year goals, 10 year goals and some smaller more manageable goals on a yearly basis, which I have succeeded to complete all except one and all being well I am on course for the 10 year goals.  My five year goals where along the lines of complete a marathon / then a 120 mile bike ride / then Ironman which I completed last year.


    This has required a great deal of mind of matter moments that have built up to the present moment – One thing has made me realise how realistic, yet positive I am, was last week.  We met a family from Yorkshire on a road trip. We had paid but they had been lucky enough to win with Lucozade.  They were so negative about the whole experience which lead to them not have a good time on a free experience – where as I loved it, not laughed so hard in many years.


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