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  • For the love of all things Gecko, ethical, ecofriendly with a twist of funky...

    We are stoked to of been approached and asked if we would sell Gecko Clothing today. Means we must be doing something right, right?

    No thought was needed and this was our response:

    "Many thanks for getting in touch. Thank you for your kind words about our logo and interest in our domain and company name, we think they’re pretty awesome too.

    Unfortunately we have no intention to stop trading and sell Gecko Clothing in the short or long term. Gecko Clothing is very much a passion of ours and we love what we do, what we stand for, our customers and the companies we get to work with.

    We are beavering away behind the scenes to lay the foundations for some wonderful things for Gecko and who knows may even take the world by storm, but that will probably have to wait till next week ;)

    We wish you all the best in your endeavours.

    Kind regards,

    Gecko Clothing"


    We are loving the attention here at Gecko and thought we'd share the smiles. SO, first 5 people to get in touch get one of our funky coconut key rings and some stickers, just to say thanks for being there!



    So go on, drop us a line and say Hola, S'mae, Salut, Yello, whatever works for you.

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